Capability self-assessment for caseworkers

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Resources

This self-assessment tool was developed for the use of workers wanting to become a statutory child protection caseworker and / or those already doing this complex work who wish to focus on their professional development. 

The self-assessment is also useful guide for people working or wanting to work in a non-government child protection role. 

The key difference is in statutory agencies you typically need a minimum education level of a Bachelors degree of some sort to be eligible to apply for a caseworker role. 

 Non-government child protection agencies in Australia do not always require this level of formal qualification. 

The capabilities required to be a caseworker do not equate to level of education, and some of these capabilities are developed through work and life experience, rather than in a classroom. As James Clear from Atomic Habits says “Formal education is not nearly as important as an unquenchable thirst to learn”.  

While competencies deal with a current state, capabilities focus on the ability to develop and flex to meet future needs. A person with a capability has a potential to acquire a specific ability or skill that will be helpful in a task or job.

This assessment is useful to use within supervision and /or for your own professional development plan and continuous quality improvement of your casework practice.

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