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by | Jul 30, 2021 | Blog

The media says that data indicates that there are higher levels of reported anxiety and psychological distress in the general population in Australia and worldwide due to this crazy pandemic. In response to this data, our Australian government recently implemented a

National Mental Health and Wellbeing Pandemic Response Plan to try address some of this collective distress.

As we went into lockdown early in 2020 and my husband lost his job in the entertainment /travel industry and my working world changed, I was given an opportunity and incredible gift, (one that I shared with 3 amazing women who are life coaches from across the globe Amal Barhoush, Kate Brettel and Dorthe Schipperheijn): a 7 week positive intelligence program with the bestselling author and Stanford lecturer, Shirzad Chamine, to work on my mental fitness as an individual….and I took it. I’m so grateful I did.

Through Positive Intelligence (PQ) program I started on a learning journey where I learned to intercept negative thoughts instead of letting them overwhelm me and then learned some simple techniques to shift to more positive responses.

My excitement about this practical mental fitness program collided with my love of solution focused practice and philosophy and I have been integrating this into all my work in the human services sector since because the work we do is incredibly complex and we should be always on that journey on continual quality improvement as professionals.

What I also love about it is that the evidence base for PQ continues to grow and the techniques are simple and easy to use in busy daily life. It has been a transformative experience in so many ways and my helped my relationships (both personal and professional). PQ has empowered me to respond to life’s challenges from a positive rather than a negative mindset and to function with greater resilience, creativity, empathy, clarity and purpose.

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